The most important
part of building loyalty,
is measuring it.

It's amazing how many restaurant loyalty offerings exist today. But they're pretty much all the same; lots of check-ins, gimmicks, and give aways - but no meaningful data about your guests.

Posiq is different. We do an incredible job of associating real people (your guests) to transactions inside your Restaurant POS system. We call this guest tracking, and we do it better than anybody else.

Flexible tracking.

To be truly successful at guest tracking, you cannot rely on just one technique or one technology. Posiq has numerous guest tracking techniques available. Some have the guest do the work, some involve the staff, and others are completely automated.

Tracking Example: Receipts

One technique Posiq provides for tracking is to have the guest TEXT information from their receipt. This allows Posiq to learn the guest's phone number and purchase details. The more they visit, the more you learn about their purchase habits, brand preferences, and frequency.

Track Advertising,
Promotions, & Social Media.

Restaurants that do advertising or marketing of any kind will now enjoy incredible data about how effective those programs are. How many guests responded? How much did they spend? New guests, or existing customers? Is social media driving in customers, or just hearts and likes?

Posiq tracks it all. Real revenue driven. To the penny. For every location.

Reward Loyalty.

As Posiq tracks guest behavior, it also allows you to define automated rewards for your most loyal guests. Customize your reward scheme any way you like based upon how often guests visit, how much they spend, or how many items they purchase. The great news with Posiq is that rewards can be custom designed to both reward past behavior AND encourage increased spend - at the same time.

Crazy simple.

With Posiq, your POS system already knows about eligible offers that your guests have earned and makes redemption super easy. Let the guest redeem it themselves in a table service business, or have the server/cashier redeem it in just seconds at the POS station.

No discount button programming. No paper coupons. And no complicated procedures for your staff.

Getting to
know your guests.

Guest information begins with a simple phone number, but we don't stop there. Posiq's "Getting to Know You" feature collects even more information about your customers, automatically, based on rules that you define. A quick message to their phone with a link (and maybe a small reward) will frequently have the customer filling out a mini form that reveals some really important data. Name. Birthday. Gender. Home zip. Anniversary dates. And more.

We also provide tools to embed a simple restaurant loyalty signup form on your own web site. So either way, mobile or web, you learn important details about your guests - and nobody has to fill out a card on a clipboard ever again.

And make it personal.

Posiq is an outbound restaurant marketing system too, which allows you to send messages or offers to select guests based on almost any behavioral data you like. These targeted campaigns are much smaller than the old "blasting" programs restaurants once used, but they drive incredible response because they are far more personal. Tell your wine drinkers about a new wine. Or families about the new kids meal. They'll appreciate it!

And Posiq supports three communication channels as well, based on your marketing objective or the user's preference. Text. Push notification. Or email. Posiq handles it all.

Always connected. Beautiful.

Posiq is a cloud service which means you can connect to monitor or actively manage your business from any browser or connected device from anywhere in the world (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) Whether you have 1 location or 1,000 - Posiq is continuously collecting data in real-time, and overseeing every ticket, guest, offer, and marketing campaign. Collecting the data. Learning about your guests. Helping you understand and grow your business.

Smart Offers.

One concern that we hear from astute restaurant owners is that they don't like the idea of presenting coupons or discounts to their guests. They believe that discounting is bad for business and lowers the perception of value. We certainly appreciate that point of view, but what we found is that when you take the time to design Smart Offers, you can grow your revenues substantially without the traditional challenges of discounting.

Don't take our word for it. Posiq measures and reports offer performance automatically. No mysteries or speculation. Real data.

Multi-Unit Restaurants

Posiq understands multi-unit businesses and has a number of advanced features for this type of operation. For example, you may not have the same Restaurant POS model in every location. No problem. We handle that. Or, you may have food/drink items in the POS spelled differently, priced differently, or just not available from one location to another. We handle that too. Posiq's dashboard makes it easier to monitor and manage multiple locations than was ever possible before.

And more data.

Posiq automatically collects location specific data for every business location and stores this together with guest data and detailed sales transactions. How does a snowstorm or a heat wave impact your business? Does it drive up deliveries or draft beer sales? How do variations in the stock market impact your sales? Watch for more great data feeds being added all the time such as nearby community events (concerts, festivals, etc.), sporting events, and even television events (e.g. Oscar night.)

Data privacy.

When it comes to protecting data, we take our job very seriously. First, we pledge that Posiq will never sell, share, or reveal personally identifiable consumer data. Posiq will never market to your guests, or share guest contact information for somebody else to market to them. Your guest list belongs to you. Nobody else.

You get every single Posiq feature, for one remarkably low price. And, we keep adding new features all the time, so you can expect even more cool stuff in the months ahead. While we do offer bigger plans for large businesses that do a lot more texting - 80% of our customers fit nicely inside the $99/mo plan. But feature-wise, every plan is the same. You get it all.